Leros Island has many interesting museums to show you the rich history of the island and the people living on Leros.

The Bellenis Museum

The Bellenis Museum is located in Alinda. Housed in the renowned Bellenis Castle, one of the most beautiful stately mansions in Greece, built between 1925 and 1926 of what was the most expensive materials of the time, brought from Greece and abroad. This museum is property of the Cultural Centre of the Municipality of Leros and features several by-shows.

The War museum

The war museum is located in Merkia one km. of Lakki . The museum is hosted in a tunnel from the World War 2 and exhibits several items from this period and documentations from the battle of Leros during the second world war. Read more about Leros and the WWII here.
And there are still treasure to found on the bottom of the ocean dated from the period  of the second world war. Read here more about scuba diving to visit ship and plane wrecks from the war.

The Folklore Museum

A museum about the stories of Leros.

The Ecclesiastical Museum

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