arkiterrasArki is a small pretty island with nice citizens, good restaurants with a nice atmosphere.

Arki is the name of the islands and all the small islands that surrounds it, like Marathi, Tiganakia and etc. In the island hopping tour go to the main harbor, where have a very small “centre”. It’s two restaurants and a café with a shop. The places have good food and reasonable prices. Specials in the restaurant is the wild goat and many more. There is a beach, walkable from the harbor (7min).

The one you saw on your left as we turned in to the harbor. There are some houses and good roads for walking. Up for a good view Left you will pas in 10 min another bay and longer you walk to Tiganakia. In Arki live permantly 34 citizen on the island. They have an elementary school, with one teacher and 1 or 2 children. Arki people are very friendly people and live very much in harmony. I think you can feel that when you arrive on the island


Arki photo album

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