Lipsi is a small island, with beautiful beaches, a nice village and  a sweet flora character. The boat Barbarosa also visits this island on one of the day trips.

After we leave the white islands we go to Lipsi, sailing slowly across the coasts of this island. On the right side you see a rock with one tree on it called the Monodentri (Single tree), for obvious reasons.

Slowly we pass by many bays and caves of Lipsi, while one bay has a restaurant and a beach called Katsadia. As we sail further we see many different rock formations , while on opposite of the harbor bay you can see the island of Makronisi (Long Island). As we go into the haven of the island we see a beach on the left, not far from where the boat is going to stop.


Lipsi island

The Village Of Lipsi is made out of  very graphic and traditional scenery with picturesque white and blue painted houses. Exploring the town won’t take long and it’s worth it , while somewhere among the houses you will find the church and the town square. At the harbor you will find many restaurants and ouzeri with quality food and affordable prices. If you want to swim , though, there is a beach close to the harbor or you can go to other beaches like Plati gialo, Katsadia, Chochlakoura and others. You can ask the crew for instructions on how to get to any of these places. For example, you can take a taxi or the bus that leaves every 20 minutes, to go to anyplace on Lipsi you desire and manage to be back right on time for the departure towards Leros.

lipsi3Somewhere on the island you will find the church of Theochari, at which on 22 of august a little miracle happens. On that day the flowers of the main icon of the church blossom, and it only happens on that day, while that event is celebrated across the island with traditional dancing and partying all night long. At 5:00 we leave the island of Lipsi and we’re on our way to Leros.

Plati gialo (Beach on Lipsi)

Plati gialo is one of the most beautiful beaches of Lipsi. With the beautiful colors of the sea and the picturesque sight it is a perfect destination. There is a sandy beach and the sea is shallow for many yards. Perfect for children to play. On the right side of the beach is the restaurant of Manolis, with their traditional treats and plates. On Plati gialo there’s no harbor. The Barbarossa will stay deep, and brings you with a small boat to the shore. It’s possible to visit Lipsi, ask the crew for information.

Plati gialo (Beach on Lipsi)

Plati gialo (Beach on Lipsi) and the Barbarossa

Photo album Lipsi island

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