marathiMarathi is a small island of the Arki island group. It’s a picturesque sight from the sea.

Marathi is a very relaxing island. While you order food, you take a swim and come back for the meal… time has no effect here. The whole islands includes 3 restaurants and two other houses. Two families live here permantly. “Pirate” Mixalis in the restaurant on the left and Pantelis the one on the right. Stavros lives in the middle, but only in the summer. The quality in all restaurants is good. Popular is wild goat, chicken peas, etc.

marathi2What special about this island is the combination beach/restaurant, it’s very relaxing. The sight of the island is picturesque. You can explore the island by walking (wear good shoes). There’s a church and an old ruin house, built in the traditional Arki style, only stones. From the top you can see the whole area, like Lipsi, Patmos and on the right up north the harbor of Arki. After two and a half hours and it’s far too soon we go on board and heading for Leros….

A short true story

The owners of the two restaurants on the left Mixalis and Stavros are brothers. The island Marathi has been bought by their great-great-grandfather a few hundred years ago. In 1922, when the Italian came and rule the Dodecanese islands. They told the family to pay their taxes every year at the monastery of Patmos and sign a paper. Because they didn’t know how to read, they just paid and signed. For a few years it went on like this. Until one day the Italians told them to stop the rent. “Rent?!”, they said. The paper they signed down for years wrote that they paid rent instead of taxes and the family lost their rights of owning the island.


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