The white islands

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe white islands are a beautiful group of islands with crystal clear waters. The trip from Leros to the white islands takes 70 minutes. As we leave the harbor of Leros and leave the bay, we have Leros on our left; we pass the bay of Krifos.

In the north of Leros, there are some small Islands. The biggest is Archangelos (means guardian angel), which you see in the back on the left. In the front of Archangelos are some small islands with their funny names: Strongili (round), Patousa (footstep) and tripiti (hole) which you can recognize by the hole in the long thin island. After these, you see left in the front of the boat Lipsi, And most of the days Patmos, west-north recognized by the monastery on the top and the white housed village around it. On the right all the way it’s Turkey. The small island in the front of it is Greek and called Farmakonisi. In the front of us, east-north is our destination: The White Islands.

thewhiteislandcaveThe white islands are a rock formation which thousands of years ago was connected with the main land of Lipsi and separated, probably by earthquakes. On the beach are round long white stones. Also in the water the stones are white and the water crystal clear blue. All that and together with the sun shining it looks magic.

Snorkeling is easy on the left side or between the islands. On the right side up north is a current and snorking here is not very popular. We mostly stay on the left island. On the right island is no beach. On the right island is a cave under water, which is a beautiful sight. To explore the islands you can walk on the top of the island. It’s not very easy and you have to wear good shoes. Good idea is just swim to the island and sit on the pebbled beach….

After one hour, the bell of the Barbarossa bangs  to collect you all on board. The crew serves a traditional Greek salad, with home made cheese, salted mackerel and olives from our trees. And of course a ouzo for a “stin ijia sou!” (Cheers). For children and non ouzo-lovers there are other drinks.

Photo album of The White Islands

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