Taste of Leros

mama-veta-lerosholidaylettings16The Greek cuisine is so much more than plates full of grilled meat, souvlaki, tzatziki… you will discover this on Leros.

The kitchen Leros is surprising, versatile and very healthy. Especially in the islands people make extensive use of seasonal and local produce. Vegetarians and enthusiasts of vegetables, fish and other seafood are sure to be attracted to Leros.

Fresh calamari, vegetables, fish and delicious salads are widely available in the many restaurants on Leros. Also beans (Gigantes), goat meat and cheese, chorta (wild salade) and other honest food are often on the menu of the Leriaan.

There are plenty of tasty cheeses and sweets found on Leros in the small shops and several restaurants and tabernas. Like the special cheese Myzithra, a white goat cheese only found on Leros. On Leros you will also discover delicious sweets, like honey, soumada (an almond drink) and several dimples. So when you come to Leros for vacation, we propose you forget you dieet for a while.

The many nice restaurants and taberna’s on Leros welcome you.

List of restaurants

Here you will find a small selection of the finest restaurants on Leros:

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