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Sweet Leros Hoofdfoto 2We started in 2011 with great care and love to redecorate our house that was closed for about 10 years, and then came the idea…

Panteli is probably the most beautiful and most beloved popular neighbourhood of Leros. With its taverns, cafes, small hotels and several accommodations. We see our visitors happy and everyday dozens of yachts are moored in the bay of Panteli. It was only missing a pastry shop with our local sweet taste as well as other things that even partially would show a little bit of the very rich local tradition … Thus arose the Sweet Leros.

Home made confectionery production of local sweets (all handmade, no colours, no preservatives-just as they where made 100 years ago, from our grandmothers). But also a promotion of our traditions and our customs related with the wedding and the art of the loom, as it was 60-70 years ago. All this is tied together and created the Sweet Leros.
We have a wide assortment of (sweet) souvenirs and we also serve coffees, juices, soft drinks.

Traditional sweets and cakes

Our shop in Panteli of Leros offers home made sweets and cakes based on traditional recipe’s, all of our sweets and cakes are made from local products. Taste the Baklavas and Galaktobouriko in our shop on our roof terrace overlooking Panteli, or on the beach!

Sweet Leros is an attempt through a small traditional house to highlight aspects of the life of Leros during the early last century. The ground floor houses the pastry shop and the display area of ourhome made traditional products. Upstairs there is the ASTA, the room with the dowry of the bride and the groom. Also upstairs there is the PASTOS, the bridal room. And a lovely outside terrace.

Sweet Leros is a beautiful home on a little island called Leros, transformed to a small folk museum which promotes local production and confectionery. And also shows us how it was a house decorated during wedding days.

Would you like to order our products or see our product list? Check out Order from Sweet Leros.
Contact details:
 Panteli 21, Leros, Panteli.
Phone number +30 2247 023190

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