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You can order Greek products on this webpage and have them delivered to your holiday house or hotel. You’ll find the order form at the bottom of this page. We would like you to choose a service package but of course we will grand most special requests.

Basic service package

When you take Personal Service of Leros Holiday Lettings you first choose your basic service package. This includes bottled water, soft drinks and snacks. You can choose between two basic packages:

Basic Day

Water, soft drinks, cookies, snacks, fresh fruits
Price for one package, suited for 2 adults: €10,-

Basic Night

Water, Greek beer, soft drinks, 0.5 ltr. wine, snacks
Price for one package, suited for 2 adults: €12,50

Extra products

Next to the basic package, you can choose from different products to add to your service. You can choose from:

  • Coffee and tea package (Coffee (filter), Tea, Filter-bags, Coffee Creamer, Sugar, Greek cookies)
    Price for one package: €10,-
  • 0,7 ltr. Metaxa (€12,50)
  • 0,7 ltr. Ouzo (€12,50)
  • 1 ltr. Greek wine, red, white or retsina (€7,50)
  • 6-pack Greek beer (€7,50)

Your personal requests

You can also let us know what extra products you would like to have delivered.

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Extra orders (multiple products possible)
Coffee and Tea package0,7 liter Metaxa0,7 liter Ouzo1 liter Red Greek Wine1 liter White Greek Wine1 liter Retsina Wine6-pack Beers

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We will contact you to confirm your order.

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