Our personal service

We offer you a full service before and during your vacation.

  • We will help you find the right travel connections to Leros
    Ferries and air planes to and from Leros Island.
  • We pick you up at the harbour or airport to give you all the information you need.
  • Our taxi driver brings you to your accommodation. Day and night.
  • We can offer you a filled fridge upon arrival
    Foods – Coffee – Tea – Beers – Wines – Soft drinks – Snacks – Yoghurt – Fruits – Local and international spirits – Candy – and much more…
  • We can bring bottled water to your accommodation twice a week
    The tap water is not drinkable on Leros Island so you will need bottled water.
  • Not all accommodations have internet access.
    We can help you with mobile internet for your laptop or WiFi smartphone.
  • We can provide you a telephone with a Greek sim card.

Professional, flexible and creative.
Everything you want to start your vacation relaxed.

Read this page to learn all about how we can provide you with personal service.

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